Identity-affirming voice lessons

At Fluid Voice Studio, we teach trauma-informed, identity-affirming and gender-neutral voice lessons! Our top priority is to create an environment of comfort, safety, and understanding and to provide student-centered accommodations (with regard to cultural diversity, gender diversity, neurodiversity, multiple/plural experiences, trauma, anxiety, dysphoria, and physical or developmental variation). Private and group lessons are taught by lead teacher Dusty and apprentice teacher Finch.

Here's a quick example of using voice techniques to modify a voice within a range of characteristics that influence perception of sex, gender, and identity.

Topics we can focus on include:

  • voice fundamentals and vocal health

  • voice modification (changing voice habits, accent modification, controlling perceptions of voice sex/gender, using multiple different voices, ...)

  • public speaking, voice acting, and character voices

  • singing fundamentals, including pitch, rhythm, timbre, and diction

  • vocal sound effects and extended techniques (yodeling, metal growling, overtone singing...)

In a typical lesson, we listen to a sample performance of your speech or singing that you want to work on or discuss a new topic of your choice, provide education and examples relating to your sample, and dive into specific techniques or modifications that can be used to improve your performance. Our lessons are intended to help the student achieve their ideal communication and personal expression. Our goal is to help you to achieve a voice that is comfortable, safe, and right for you. Lessons are delivered via Zoom or Discord with student's preference of audio and/or video.

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Lead Teacher Dusty Nebula Allaway

I am a non-binary voice educator. I've been teaching voice since 2020, studying voice for several years before that, and singing and studying music and sound have been a lifelong pursuit. I am fascinated by voice modification and how the voice can be used to shape perceptions and achieve diverse expression. I'm engaging in ongoing work to develop and research voice pedagogy.

Studying the voice is a huge passion of mine, including contemporary, classical, folk, jazz, rock, and metal singing styles. I have performed in baritone, tenor, alto, and soprano roles as a solo singer and in multiple ensembles. I also love creating sounds and music. You can hear some music created by me or other members of my system on Bandcamp or SoundCloud.

I am fascinated by education and human cognition. Besides voice and music, I've also taught and authored educational materials for subjects including biology, math, and programming. I have a B.S. in biology with a focus on neurophysiology, and an M.S. in computer science with a focus on artificial intelligence.

Apprentice Teacher Finch

I started teaching here at Fluid Voice Studio with our public voice lessons early in 2021, and I've always been actively working on modifying my own voice and exploring my full vocal space.

I have always been interested in voice, expression, and language. During my college education, I studied linguistics and ethnomusicology, and taught English as a second language while living abroad.

Contact Information

Dusty Nebula Allaway (any pronouns)


Finch (any pronouns)



Postal: PO Box 96213, OR, 97296